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NEW MOYA GUAM Gi – Pre Sale begins Nov 23rd Stateside, Nov 24 in Guam!

NEW MOYA GUAM Gi – Pre Sale begins Nov 23rd Stateside, Nov 24 in Guam!

MOYA Brand and MOYA Brand Guam would like to introduce the first ever Guam Gi: The Matatnga. The MOYA Brand Guam Gi is set to drop on or before Dec 10th, 2012. Thats right, just in time for Christmas! The Matatnga (Guam Gi) was designed by MOYA Brand Co-Owner, Co-Founder and only artist: Guam born and raised, Krisstopher Michael.

Rest assured from top to bottom, from design, to cut, to the quality. The MOYA Brand Guam Gi is held to the same exact standards as the entire MOYA Brand Product Line-Up. Krisstopher Michael of MOYA Brand is the sole artist, MOYA Brand manufactures for MOYA Brand Guam and MOYA Brand Guam Distributes. This keeps the continuity of the entire MOYA Brand Image and feel! All MOYA Brand Guam Products are approved, designed and manufactured by MOYA Brand.

MOYA Brand - MOYA Brand Guam - Guam Gi

All info about MOYA Brand Guam Gi:

The MOYA Brand Guam gi will only be available through MOYA Brand Guam. MOYA Brand Guam is in charge of all distribution and shipping.

Who: MOYA Brand Guam

What: MOYA Brand Guam Gi

Where: www.moyabrand-guam.com

When: November 23rd Stateside ( 6 PM Pacific, 9PM EST) & Nov 24th in Guam at 12 Noon.

Why: Cause its never be done and its for the people!

Any questions or concerns, please email sales@moyabrand-guam.com or call 671.929.7456

The meaning of Matatnga, Guam Gi:

Homage to Chief Hurao

Matatnga is defined as “strong personality or fearless.” Chief Hurao, a Chamorro leader during the Spanish-Chamorro wars in the late 1600s, was the living embodiment of the word. Matatnga is a specific form of courage. Someone with matatnga stands up for himself or herself with a certain fierce determination.

The concept of matatnga is an important aspect of these persistent Chamorro core values. Across the turbulent course of three centuries of antagonistic interaction with Western powers, Chamorros have never lost a characteristic fundamental to them, that of being matatnga.

Chief Hurao is an appropriate symbol of matatnga because of his role as a leader, fighting for the Chamorro way of life. Chief Hurao survived the first two battles of 1671, the first as a prisoner of the Spanish, the second as the leader of a thirteen day siege. He lived to fight again that same year and then died in battle. He fought against oppressors who threatened several freedoms: cultural, religious and political.

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